Clinic Closing

Sadly, we are facing the closing of New Vision Physical Therapy and Sports Medicine on January 15, 2013.  I came to the clinic very shortly after it’s opening in 2009.  I cannot say enough for the quality of the people with whom I have been privileged to work, both in our therapy office, and also with our co-tennents, the doctors and staff of Dr. Bryan Kaplansky, Dr. William Rutledge, and Dr. Sam Neuschwanger.  It has been a joy to work alongside all of you!



If you wish to look me up professionally, I am currently doing work for:

Steppin Up Physical therapy 5800 Fairfield Avenue Fort Wayne  744-5585


Healthy Expectations 3982 New Vision Dr Fort Wayne 483-9933

You can also reach me at:


Fab 23, 2015 update: I have just completed my Master of Arts in Ministry Studies from Grace College and Theological Seminary

When a door closes, there is always a window open somewhere.


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