Lovers n Haters

Lovers n Haters: We are in a Cultural War

I have wanted to write this post since the election of 2012, but I’ve struggled to articulate all I want to say. I prepared it again in the fall of 2013, but never posted it.  


Remember the Dr. Suess story of the Zax? The North Going Zax and the South Going Zax met head to head in going about their way. Neither was willing to step aside to let the other pass.  And so the world went on without them, and how foolish they looked!


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When I began this post for the second time the American Government was shut down because the legislators could not agree on a direction for our country.  It was a long time coming.  At 2012 election time the evidence of what we see was already propelling us in this direction.  Here’s another glimpse  of the divide I saw come across Facebook last fall:


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Or what about last month’s Phil Robertson/Duck Dynasty controversy?  That brought a lot of heated discussion!

My point is to show the cultural war.  We are a polarized nation, and unless we find a way to work together we will fall. Although disagreement has been building for some time, I am not sure I have seen more anger, angst, or such a spirit of attack than I saw at the last election…until this week.

It was the big creation vs evolution debate:  I won’t talk about that now, but  let’s just say the bitterness and anger involved in the post-debate social media have been unbelievable!

So who will reach out? Who will work together?  Humble yourself. Look around you.  We are indeed dividing ourselves, and three has been a hurricane of heightened emotion over our differences.  If you are a Christian I ask you:  How are you reaching out to those with whom you disagree?  How are you loving them?  How did Jesus reach out to those who were different from him?  He went to them, dined with them, and by knowing Him, their lives changed!!! He loved them who were different. 

As a message to all of us, it’s not tolerance (and its certainly not intolerance), but radical love that reaches those who are different from ourselves.  It’s a love that shows who we belong to and invites others to belong.  It’s loving our neighbor as ourselves.  How do we do it Christian?  Again, look around you.  When others criticize you and hurt you, reach out! Are you a lover or a hater? And how will you approach the cultural war –like Jesus?