God goes before us

The last thing I wanted to do today was to leave my warm house and my four daughters and go out into this bitter cold. I was dragging my feet extra heavily because I knew that in the middle of the day I had to evaluate a new client in an area of town where often I don’t feel safe. But duty calls, and I drug myself out the door, saw a couple of morning clients and headed through downtown. I said a short prayer for protection, as I often do in this particular neighborhood, and found the address I was looking for. To my surprise a parking place had been plowed just across the street from the house, and my little Ford fit into it perfectly. Reaching the house I knocked, and was invited in by the sweetest little African-American lady with a broad smile. For the next three hours I evaluated and interviewed this lady about her health and mobility while she told me all about her love for Jesus. She was very well versed in the scriptures, and not afraid to talk about it! We found many things in common outside of our faith as well, as we talked about our mothers and grandmothers and others we had loved. What a beautiful visit and a bright spot that made this frigid day warm from the inside! When I left the lady’s house we gave each other a warm embrace and said we’d look forward to the next time we meet. 
Two things I took away from today: 1) God goes before us, and if we are willing to serve, He just may surprise us with something (someone) special. 2) God can use us wherever we are, as He did with this special lady today!


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