A Rare Opportunity

This past fall I was given the privilege of helping to plan and speak at a teen girls’ retreat at my church.  With everything else ready, I took a few hours Friday afternoon to make preparations at the church building before the girls arrived.  My ‘to do’ list included making sure my presentation was properly loaded on the computer, checking locations for the various breakouts, and assuring equipment and chairs were in their places. 


With some of the adult volunteers at the girls retreat

As my duties led me throughout the building I could hear our worship pastor practicing down in the Family Life Center….or maybe he was just worshipping with his voice and keyboard and no agenda.  What I do remember clearly is thinking how blessed he is to have the voice, the musical talent, and the opportunity to make music to the Lord in the place where we all worship together as a church family.  

I acknowledged to God what blessing and privilege this must be.  I wasn’t exactly envious of someone else’s gift.  Rather, I was wishing for the opportunity to sing such praises, especially in that sacred place.  Our Family Life Center is just a gym, complete with basketball hoops and foul lines. Several days per week it hosts well over a hundred running, screaming, playing children from our Christian school and our church family.  So it isn’t the location specifically that is sacred, but the fact that God has come so faithfully to meet with us as we’ve worshipped Him for many years in that room.  

The girls arrived around 7 that evening and we all got dressed up, shared a fancy meal, danced a bunch, heard an awesome message by one of the other leaders, played some games, and started a movie (The Princess Bride).  We’d had a full, great evening, and the movie didn’t end until 3 am.  I left the room before it was over, escaping to the loft of the old sanctuary, as the main floor was full of girls, scattered popcorn, and sleeping bags.  Besides, one of my daughters had forgotten her bag, so I gave her mine and I found a couch upstairs where I could sleep.


Line Dancing  after a delicious Mexican Fiesta!

Some time during the night I woke up cold and noticed that one of the teens had also made her way to the loft and found another couch to sleep on.  She was clad in fuzzy pink footie pajamas and her blanket had slipped to the floor.  I was extremely  tempted to sneak over and nab that blanket, until I realized that when she awakened I would have to explain why I was snug as a bug under her blanket! So I covered myself with the couch pillows and made the best of it.  

When 6 a.m. rolled around I awakened enough that I wanted to get up.  All the fun and excitement of the night before were fresh in my mind, but I was in need of peace and solitude, so I relished the fact that out of sixty teen girls and almost twenty leaders, I was the only one awake. That is, God and I were awake.  I was to be the morning speaker and I didn’t want to forge ahead without spending time with Him in preparation, so I made my way down two flights of stairs to the dark and deserted Family Life Center.  Only the red exit sign  was lit enough  that I could see the dusky lay of the room.  The lighted stained glass window behind the stage left a small halo of light around the corners of its covering, and my eyes quickly adjusted to the empty room and the stage where the pulpit is filled three times each week.

This was my opportunity. An unexpected gift from God. I was listening to worship music on my iPhone and suddenly I realized that no one could hear me from the other end of the church.  I began singing quietly, and soon I was singing loudly, and with no care of who might hear.  My voice filled the large room, and since only God was there to hear, I hoped it was beautiful.   I sometimes danced as I worshipped. I prayed out loud, and I lay prostrate before the front of the church.  For an entire hour I was alone with God worshipping, singing, praying. God was there.  He is present in the praises of His people.  I believe He empowered me to speak to the girls that morning, and later in the day He was with me as I led a 12 year old girl to trust in Christ for the first time.  What a privilege to share in God’s work and to proclaim His message to a fallen world!  I count is among my highest privileges in life.  


Some freshman girls hamming it up 

But this also day held something special for me personally.  I had barely uttered a desire to worship Him in a certain place and in a certain way, and  

My group of junior high girls

within hours He gave me the rare opportunity to do so.  God hears our every prayer.  He listens to the cries of our heart.  And when it comes to relating to Him, He blesses oh so abundantly, exceeding our expectations, our hopes and our self-made plans. 


Instant Friends

7.11.13 Today I met a new client and her husband. She is 86 and consumed by dementia and a failing body. He is healthy and 87, gently, lovingly, and joyfully caring for her, adapting everything about his life to meet her increasing needs. It was a beautiful picture of love, which moved me to mention the hope we have for eternity.

–Instant friends–

This man was a brother, a Gideon, and he is displaying the qualities of the scriptures he has spent his life delivering to others. Thank you new friend. I am inspired!

“Call me Christmas”

10.17.13.  I went on a home health visit today. The home smelled just like my Grandma Goss’ used to. Not good or bad, just Grandma. There I met the cutest little 94 year old man who said, “Call me Christmas!” Then he offered me half a boiled egg white (he had eaten the yolk) and the last pecan off his cinnamon roll. No…i didn’t eat them, But what a reminder of the power of relationships, the beauty of people quietly living their lives, and of meeting and loving strangers. joy!

Mutual Respect

My time working as a therapist in home health has given me new insight into people.  Being with them in their home and  their chosen surroundings tells me more about them than the clinic ever could.  

11.12.13. What a beautiful, crisp, fall day! I got to hear the frosty leaves cracking off their twigs, and watch them flutter to the ground while walking with a very spry and interesting 90 year old who had not been outside in many weeks. Good conversation, mutual respect, and enjoyment of the season were priceless. That’s what I’m thankful for today!

Little Miracles

Sometimes the neatest little miracles happen. 
Last January on the day I started my graduate program, a former patient, whom I had not seen in a year, called me to see how I was doing and if I was going to pursue my bible education. She said she had been praying for me. 
Tonight right after (I mean RIGHT after) I hit “send” to turn in my final theology project a different friend called me–someone I worked with until a year ago–to see how my graduate program is going. She told me that she has prayed for me EVERY day since I started my program (this was a surprise to me!) 
I was albe to tell her that as-of-tonight I am officially done with this semester and half way done with my program! 
Celebrating this project: 83 pages, 24,073 words, and a cloud of dust…it’s done! 

God goes before us

The last thing I wanted to do today was to leave my warm house and my four daughters and go out into this bitter cold. I was dragging my feet extra heavily because I knew that in the middle of the day I had to evaluate a new client in an area of town where often I don’t feel safe. But duty calls, and I drug myself out the door, saw a couple of morning clients and headed through downtown. I said a short prayer for protection, as I often do in this particular neighborhood, and found the address I was looking for. To my surprise a parking place had been plowed just across the street from the house, and my little Ford fit into it perfectly. Reaching the house I knocked, and was invited in by the sweetest little African-American lady with a broad smile. For the next three hours I evaluated and interviewed this lady about her health and mobility while she told me all about her love for Jesus. She was very well versed in the scriptures, and not afraid to talk about it! We found many things in common outside of our faith as well, as we talked about our mothers and grandmothers and others we had loved. What a beautiful visit and a bright spot that made this frigid day warm from the inside! When I left the lady’s house we gave each other a warm embrace and said we’d look forward to the next time we meet. 
Two things I took away from today: 1) God goes before us, and if we are willing to serve, He just may surprise us with something (someone) special. 2) God can use us wherever we are, as He did with this special lady today!