Graston Technique


Graston Technique, a popular form of Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization, is a treatment which uses stainless steel tools to dig deeper and more easily into soft tissue than the human hand.  The Graston tools were developed by Dave Graston, and are sold only to trained professionals for use in medical clinics.  To learn more about the company go to

Patients sometimes call Graston tools “the knives” because of their appearance, but they actually have dull, beveled edges which are fit to lift skin and mobilize through several levels of soft tissue.  Some refer to the treatment as “scraping,”  and some have even used the term “instruments of torture,” but one thing is for sure:  people keep coming back for it!!!

Below is tool #4, “the scanner.”  It’s a favorite, as it is easy to hold, and works well to zero in on an area of inflammation.

The tools, as we use them in the clinic, are designed with common body shapes in mind, being either concave or convex, and differing in size to fit almost any area of the body.  They can be used to break up scar tissue, promote circulation, or my favorite: to reset the inflammation cascade. Picture a cascading waterfall.  Water coming down from above cascades over the rocks through a series of pools, where some water remains, and some spills over to continue its journey downward. Think of the pools of water as inflammation that was headed downward, but got caught.  The water there neither rises, nor falls.  It just sits there continually stirred but always present. Chronic inflammation is like that.  It has reached a point where it is no longer declining; it is nagging, but never goes away.  That’s where the tools come in.  We use the tools to lift that inflammation back out of the “pool” where it is stuck, so it can continue its journey downward toward normal.

If you have chronic, nagging, soft tissue pain, this is one of the most effective treatments for leaving that chronic stage behind!


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