Shoulder Stretching

Following are some easy ways to get started on stretching a stiff or sore shoulder:

(Remember general exercise programs are no substitute for evaluation by your physical therapist or physician).

Hold your arms straight out from your shoulders. Hold a cane, yardstick, dowel rod, or broom handle in both hands with elbows bent.  Slowly rotate arms until the cane touches your forehead, then down until it touches your tummy.  You may want to stop at the top and at the bottom to allow muscles to stretch.  Move slowly, and repeat x 10.

Next hold the wand like you would a bar bell, and do a bench press.

Now hold the wand in front of you and use the stronger arm to help stretch the weak or tight arm out to the side, and up and over the head.

Hold 10 seconds and then relax..

Now, move the cane behind you and grasp with both hands.

Slowly draw the wand up behind you until you feel a stretch.  Hold 10 seconds.  Repeat.

The next one can be a tough one.  Place your limited arm behind your back (or as close as you can get). Raise the other arm above your shoulder, and drop the wand down to the other hand.

Use the top arm to stretch the bottom arm upward.  This should be a gentle stretch.  Hold 10 seconds.  Repeat.

Finally, stand with one foot in the corner, and both forearms on the wall.  lean in toward the corner, and feel the stretch in the front of the shoulder.  Hold 10 seconds.  Repeat.