Delicious Gluten-free Strata

Here is a delicious adaptation of one of our favorite breakfast treats:

Because so many people who are gluten-intolerant are also sensitive to milk, I generally cook with milk substitutes when practical.  In this recipe I use real cheese, however in our family diet I do not cook with dairy every day.  As with all g-free cooking, be sure you buy ingredients that do not have hidden gluten (for example, some corn meal may contain wheat flour as a filler, and some spices may have wheat filler).

8 eggs scrambled

1 c. ham, cooked and cubed into 1/4 in. cubes

10 slices bacon, cooked ,and grease soaked off with paper towels

1 c. soy, coconut, or other milk

1 c. corn meal

2 med. apples, peeled and cubed

2 c. shredded sharp cheddar cheese

3 T brown sugar

2 t Worcestershire

2 t salt

1/2 t black pepper

1 t dry mustard

2 T flax seed meal

Mix all ingredients, and pour into 8×8 pan.  Cook on 350 degrees, 50 min or until center is set. 


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