Calf Stretch

Here is an easy way to stretch your calf muscles:

You do not have to have a fancy wedge like we have in the picture.

You can use a thick book such as a phone book, or use a short piece of 2×4. 

Place the ball of your foot or feet on the wedge, book etc.  Keep your knees straight, and your heels on the floor.  Do not rock back and forth or raise up on your toes.  Just stand still and allow gravity to do the stretching for you!

Next, hold this position, but bend your knees.  You will feel the stretch move lower in your calf.  Hold 30 seconds.

Both these stretches are important because there are two main calf muscles.  One stretches most when your knee is straight, and the other when your knee is bent.  One of these muscles is most active when you are standing still, and the other when you are walking, running, or climbing. 

Here is one more option:

 Stand with the ball of your foot on the edge of a step.  Now drop your heel(s) down below the level of the step.  Hold 30 seconds.  You may repeat this one with your knees bent as well.  On this one, make sure you have a firm hand-hold for balance !


Note:  These exercises are intended as a review of exercises taught in therapy, and not as an individual prescription for exercise. 


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