Assistive Device

World’s BEST Assistive Device

In Physical Therapy, we call canes, walkers, wheelchairs, and crutches assistive devices.

Following is a real-life assistive device I saw someone on at the Defiance County Fair in Hicksville, Ohio.   This is a true story.  Hicksville is my hometown, and I love the people.  So as a native, I can laugh at this home-spun device to help an injured person enjoy the fair!  I wanted to catch the passenger on the device, but by the time I got out my camera, the device was parked at the show arena for the pedal tractor pull.

Note the appliance cart, the kitchen chair seat, the rigged leg rest, and the convenient crutch storage compartment!  Ingenious!!


One thought on “Assistive Device

  1. From where I am, which is a less developed country in Southeast Asia, we try to device a ‘makeshift’ and crude wheelchair by recycling old wheelchair wheels and change the chair with monobloc or plastic chairs. We get by. Another twist to invention as a product of necessity.

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