Advanced Vestibular

The following are advanced vestibular exercises: 

Walking with head turning:  Walk in a straight line turning your head from one side to the other every four steps.  As this gets easier, try turning every three steps, then every other step.

Hang a visually confusing piece of fabric on the wall (small checkerboard works quite well) and place a card in the middle of the fabric.  Stand about 18 inches away from the card, focus on one letter, and begin to shake your head back and forth as if saying, “no.”  This is a progression of the VOR exercises in the post entitled “Vestibular Rehab Exercises.”

To advance the exercises even more, stand on an unstable surface, such as a cushion or rocker board:

For those who struggle with ongoing positional vertigo, even after an Epley Maneuver.  The following are called Habituation Exercises.  I would like to again note that this post is to serve as a reminder of things taught in therapy.  You should not try these exercises to treat vertigo that has not been evaluated by your physical therapist:

Begin by sitting upright on the edge of the bed.  Turn your head to the right and lie down on your left side.  Wait until dizziness stops plus 30 seconds.

Return to upright, wait 30 seconds, then turn your head to the left, and lie down on your right side.  Wait until dizziness stops plus 30 seconds, and return to upright again. 

Repeat this process for 5 to 10 minutes two or three times per day.  Over time, it should make you less dizzy. 


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