U (really) R wat U eat!

You really are what you eat!

The human body is constantly working to repair and replace cells and tissues, its building blocks.  So where do the building blocks come from?  From what we eat, of course!  There is no other way to obtain the needed building materials.  So what are you going to build with?  And how many kinds of  materials will you use?  If you were going to build a house, would you start with all nails and wire?  Would you pour the concrete, but neglect the lumber?  The prettiest paint colors will do no good without the drywall.  And how about the quality of your materials?  How would you like asbestos insulation and lead paint?

It’s the same with our bodies.  The end result is no better than the materials we use.

There are loads of excellent books published that will tell you what to eat.  There are also loads of fad diets.  There are loads of “experts,” and I will not pretend to be one of them.  What I will do is recommend some books that have helped me to add nutrition to our family diet, and have taught me WHY certain choices are better than others.

My favorite book on nutrition is Eat Right For Life, by Dr. Ann Kulze, available here: http://www.drannwellness.com/, or here: http://www.welcoa.org/store/product-landing/eat-right-for-life/

I love this book because it is a quick read, and it has lots of pictures!  In short, it’s easy! It keeps my attention!  It is laid out much like a magazine, with text and tip boxes, attractive pictures, and best of all, it doesn’t just tell me what to eat…it tells me why!  I need to know why!  The “why” is my motive!

When our daughter Katy was diagnosed with Type I Diabetes last year (see post entitled “Our Diabetes Story”) this book was my primary guide in bettering our family diet.  The book is inexpensive as well, so at Christmas I gave a copy to each of my coworkers and patients.  I think the message is that helpful.

With that said, I will add that Dr. Ann does not discuss food intolerances, which I believe are an important topic to address with anyone…especially if they have digestive problems, or inflammatory diseases (see posts under inflammation and disease).  Gluten, dairy, nuts, and soy are four common foods that cause reactions, but each individual can have his or her own irritants.  I will plan to post more on that topic another time.  For now, I would like to highly recommend Eat Right For Life for your kitchen library.


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