Effects of Gluten

I came across the following article on the effects of gluten, and I would like to share it.  Looks like I first discovered it from Facebook, but you should be able to follow the following link, even if you do not have Facebook.  The article talks about research findings on the kinds of diseases gluten intolerance could be fueling.  It’s just about staggering, and I would have thought it exaggerated, had we not had our own family brush with gluten intolerance.


The more I talk to people about gluten intolerance, the more I see its possible effects on us.  I hope you’ll enjoy the above link.  It was a very good read (until the end when they make a vague and somewhat out-of-place reference to adaptation to our environment.  I am not an evolutionist…)

Love to hear your feedback and/or experience with gluten issues under comments


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