Sugar’s Chagrin

“Mom, not everybody eats as healthy as we do!”

Wow! Did those words just come from one of my children? And did she mean it as a complaint, while I took it as a compliment?  YES!!!

We really do eat our share of junk food.  Frosted sugar cookies are my #1 favorite food, followed closely by DeBrand Chocolate’s Connoisseur Collection  mmm…If you’re not from the Fort Wayne area, they are worth shipping to wherever you are!

But back to my topic…

There’s nothing wrong with a little sugar now and then.  The problem is, our diets are loaded with sugar in many forms.  By now you’ve probably heard that white flour, pasta and other starchy foods turn to sugar as they digest, so just like gluten (previous post), we get more than our share in the American diet.  Many, many processed foods have hidden sugar, even if it is not a food considered a “sweet.”  While I’m not ready to boycott, There are many good reasons to be cognizant of sugar intake:

Following are just a few ill effects of sugar:

promotes tooth decay

raises adrenalin in kids

increases insulin resistance in diabetes

elevates blood glucose levels

suppresses the immune system

contributes to arthritis

speeds the aging process

decreases growth hormone

can cause depression

increases bacterial function in the colon

can cause hormonal imbalance

increases risk of Alzheimer’s

can cause drowsiness or hyperactivity

can exacerbate Multiple Sclerosis

can cause a yeast infection

contributes significantly to obesity

ok,ok, you get it…you knew it…just reminding you…and me…



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