Balanced Perspective

A Balanced Perspective

Did you know…

~Each year one third of adults over 65, and half of those over 85, fall?

~Falls among the elderly result in approximately 1.6 million ER visits yearly?

~Falls are the 6th leading cause of death in older adults.

~Approximately 40% of all nursing home admissions are related to falls?

Did you know…

~People who begin exercising in their 60s have positive results similar to those who have been active all their lives?  They also have better postural stability than their sedentary counterparts who were active in their 30s and 40s.

~Of numerous fall prevention interventions such as vision checks, and home environment changes, exercise is the only intervention which alone has been shown to decrease falls in the elderly.

~Strength and balance training are both important elements of an exercise program for fall prevention.

~I believe in setting up an individualized program of strength and balance training for each client in need, taking the time to understand each patient’s problem areas and goals, and working with the client and family to find the best possible outcome.


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