Home Epley

For those who have previously been diagnosed, yet have recurrent Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo, BPPV, The Epley Maneuver can be performed at home.  Following are instructions to help you.  This is the procedure for the right ear:

Begin by sitting on your bed and turning your head to the right 45 degrees and lying down with your  head over the edge of a pillow.  Your head should lie all the way back to the table, or about 30 degrees extension.  Hold this position about one minute, or until spinning has stopped + 20 seconds.


Next: do not lift your head, but turn it to 45 degrees to the left.  Again, hold about a minute or until spinning has stopped + 20 seconds.





Third, roll onto your left shoulder, but keep your head turned 45 degrees compared to your body.  You will end up staring at the floor in front of you.  Once again, hold 30 seconds, or until spinning stops +20 seconds. 





Finally, slide your feet over the edge of the bed, and move up sideways into a sitting position.  Keep your chin down as you arise, and sit for a few minutes to regain your equilibrium. 


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