Environment of Inflammation

I keep talking about an ENVIRONMENT OF INFLAMMATION within our bodies. What am I talking about? Why is it so important?
An ENVIRONMENT OF INFLAMMATION is a state in which the body is making and releasing harmful chemicals into the bloodstream that circulate, cause damage, and sometimes target certain tissues in the body. The inflammation is usually set off by something entering our bodies that we cannot tolerate. It could be an allergen, or a food that we are sensitive to.
When we are allergic, we tend to have dramatic reactions, such as visible swelling, hives, or even shortness of breath. Sensitivities are not so dramatic. They are sneaky little fellows that creep around under the radar for months to years before they are discovered. They wear down our organs, and can cause damage to almost any tissue in the body. They ruin our veins, and nerves. They cause autoimmune diseases, pain and fatigue.
It is for this reason that more attention than ever is now being paid to the things we eat, breathe or put in/on our bodies.

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