VERTIGO:  A whirling senstion in the head with a tendancy to fall

One of the things that has become a specialty for me in physical therapy has been treatment of dizziness and vertigo.  Vertigo refers to a sense of spinning of self or environment.  Dizziness is a wastebasket term that may mean being light-headed, woozy, or possibly spinning.  A physical therapist’s job is to assess the symptoms, and determine the underlying cause of the problem.

When I meet a person with dizziness for the first time, I observe his or her movement and gait.  Then I ask questions about the nature and history of the problem.  Symptoms can arise from the inner ear, the brain, the nerves in between, or they can be a side effect of medication, blood pressure changes, or other diseases.  A complete evaluation is necessary to determine the causes.

With that said, I plan to post some of the exercise programs I prescribe for my clients with dizziness.  Not every treatment posted here is good for every person with dizziness.  This is not meant to diagnose, or be a substitution for evaluation and treatment by a qualified professional.  The posts will be to assist my patients in remembering what they have learned in the office.  I will post these under HOME PROGRAMS.


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