Photo courtesy of Tami Werling

Sunshine on my shoulders makes me happy!

Research the last few years has been proving that Vitamin D, produced in our bodies by sunshine, is an excellent help to our  immune system.  But the benefits of sunshine don’t stop there!  Sunshine is also directly related to how much melatonin and serotonin are present in our brains.  Melatonin affects our sleep, and serotonin affects our mood, so lack of both makes us tired and grumpy! serotonin also helps to decrease inflammation in the brain, keeping it healthy.  The amount of sunshine a person is exposed to during a given day is directly related to a feeling of well-being due to rising serotonin levels.  Sunshine is also known to be an appetite suppressant!

Sunshine carried a bad wrap for many years as people overexposed themselves and caused skin cancers to soar.  Now we are realizing we also need the sun to be healthy.

Everything in moderation, friends!


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