poem: home

This has nothing to do with my site, really, but I took on a challenge to write about what “Home” means to me, and I wrote my first poem!  Here it is!:


A homemade bouquet of pink simplicity roses

Puppies sniffing with little wet noses

Corn husking, boiling, buttering, eating

Family round the table greeting

The mud ‘tween my toes, the baa in the barn

Dew covered foreheads, the afghan yarn

The clothes on the line, Grandma baking

Hoeing, raking, noodle making

Poppies bursting, salvia springing

Putt, putt, Grandpa’s tractor singing

Sleigh bells clang on the kitchen door

Announce Dad’s return from doing the chores

Hummingbirds buzzing flower to flower

Entertaining us evenings, hour by hour

Thunderclouds form in the western sky

We in our lawn chairs, watch till they’re nigh

Cousins just drop in to visit a spell

Scolding wren playing her part so well

Sunshine that warms my head and my heart

Autumn colors, God’s wonderful art

Observing each tiny bee and each bug

Little arms stretched for an afternoon hug

Bushels of love, and chats on the swing

Bluebirds returning to homes every spring

Playing with kittens, hiking the creek

Sunday afternoon with friends at the lake

Tightrope walking on an old log

Lively days catching turtles and frogs

Sorting potatoes from common field rocks

Tall trees shading, and doors without locks

Long drives with ice cream to look at the crops

Fences with blooms from bottoms to tops

Spring peepers calling their song from the hollow

My Bible with pages that beckon me, “follow”

A stroll in the woods, praises ringing

Enjoy God’s creation, even birds singing

Dutchman’s Britches abloom in the woods

Mom showing off her garden goods

Hayrides, four wheelers, John Deere green

Help to set my favorite scenes

Swingin, bangin, screen doors slammin

Apple picking, campfires cracklin

Carving a pumpkin, and climbing a tree

That’s what “home” means to me!


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