Chronic Disease

The human body is an incredibly complex creation! With all we know about it, we still have only scratched the surface in understanding it! For decades scientists have been researching the causes(es) of chronic inflammatory diseases. The list is long:
High Blood Pressure
Kidney Disease
Heart Disease
Multiple Sclerosis
Thyroid Disease
Some cancers
…and on and on…
Now we know that many of these diseases, even most, are caused by an ENVIRONMENT OF INFLAMMATION within the body. A what? What is an environment of inflammation?
This term refers to inflammation within the body that sticks around for many weeks to many years, under the radar. It doesn’t initially cause pain, a fever, or other signs, but it slowly eats away at our organs and our health. Like sandpaper rubbing over the dining room table, slowly the damage will reveal itself, but often too late for the damage to be reversed. Research shows that 60% of all deaths world-wide are caused by inflammatory diseases–they are killing us!
So what can be done about inflammation? How can it be prevented and stopped? I plan to outline a number of FRUITFUL STEPS I have learned to fight inflammation. They will center around appropriate exercise, and improved eating habits. (I’m trying not to use the word DIET, as it means “die with a t” to so many people). Some of these ideas have not yet reached the mainstream with physicians or the media, but they are gaining attention. It is said that it takes 10 years for an idea to catch on in health care. I don’t know about you, but I don’t want to wait another 10 years to begin positive steps that I can take today to better my health! Please read other posts for inflammation fighting ideas.

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