I am creating this blog in order to pass along many things I have learned in 22 years working in the healthcare industry.  Good health is a precious thing, and there are so many Fruitful Steps we can take to maintain or improve our health. 
I don’t exercise excessively, nor do I obsess about what I eat.  I like ice cream, pizza, and chocolate as much as you do!  I do, however, make it a habit to exercise regularly, eat in moderation, and I continually add nutritious new ideas to our family menu. We recently had a health crisis in our family (more about that another time), which has caused me to refocus my efforts in the kitchen. In my entries I’ll try to discuss issues off the beaten path from everything else you’ve read, and I hope you will benefit from something I’ve learned!

Please feel free to ask questions, and If I can’t answer, I’ll give you an honest, “I don’t know.”

 Here we go…

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